Studio VARA Office

The design of our own office was initiated by a move into a larger and more open space. We strived to create a comfortable but effective office environment that balanced competing needs for individual, focused work with more collaborative spaces for working and socializing. A limited palette of materials and colors led to an economical and efficient construction process while still yielding a dynamic and welcoming office.




Mechanical, electrical and plumbing pipes were painted white to blend in with white surfaces, helping reduce visual clutter. New windows, fans and upgraded HVAC equipment maximized occupant comfort and air circulation. A variety of new LED lights produced tailored lighting environments that complemented the different zones and working spaces in the office. Movable felt panels allows sketches and images to be displayed for collaborative work while also providing acoustic benefits.






San Francisco, CA


JLN Builders



Photo Credit

Cesar Rubio

Sq Ft



Architect, Interior Design