Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

+ Studio VARA is committed to being a positive agent of change: in our own personal lives, as a business in our profession, and as a member of the immediate community in San Francisco’s Mission District. Studio VARA believes in gender and racial equality. We strive to create an office culture that is open, inclusive, and supportive of the many identities and interests of our staff through honest introspection, a continuous dialogue, and active participation in our community. Though this may not always be comfortable, we believe it is necessary and important. 


The employees of Studio VARA recognize that architecture as a profession can and must do better, and that we are in a unique position to effect tangible progress through the transformative power of design. To maximize our impact, we choose to focus on two areas: education and pro-bono work.


The goal of education is supported in two ways: we are committed to hiring staff from all backgrounds, and to seeking out a more diverse range of staff through participation in HBCU Career Fairs, as well as being involved in early design and architecture programs, such as NOMA’s Project Pipeline or through existing SFUSD career programs.


The firm’s pro-bono work will be focused on two areas: first, we will leverage our residential expertise to provide quality design services to marginalized communities by working with non-profit housing groups. In addition, we will extend our services to non-profit organizations that do not have a budget to work with an architect or designer, and have a clear need.


Through the dedication of our time, resources, and expertise to these initiatives, Studio VARA commits to building a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community, whether it may be at a personal, professional, or civic level.

Our work to build a better world starts here.



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