Graham Quinn

Graham, Studio VARA’s pioneering team member, has played an instrumental role in propelling the firm’s evolution from a small residential practice to a prominent, multidisciplinary studio. With over a decade of experience in residential architecture, Graham possesses extensive institutional knowledge that has fueled the firm’s growth. From inception to completion, his involvement in Studio VARA’s residential projects showcases a deep understanding of the construction process and the significance of collaborating closely with contractors and craftsmen.

As a project manager for high end residential projects, Graham also leads Studio VARA’s landscape design initiatives. Before joining the firm, he gained valuable experience in the design and construction realm while working for a distinguished landscape and construction company. During this time, Graham realized the similarities between landscape and architecture, both sharing an iterative design process and demanding extensive collaboration with consultant teams. By adopting an in-house approach, Studio VARA prioritizes the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, bringing a fresh perspective to the design studio. Graham’s true passion lies in crafting unique, seasonally changing experiences that inspire and bring joy to clients.

Graham’s collaborative approach and meticulous attention to detail make him a natural fit for leading Studio VARA’s largest residential projects and managing complex teams of contractors and consultants. His commitment to creating harmonious natural environments has fostered the growth of the firm’s cross-disciplinary landscape and architectural projects.

A native of Marin County, California, Graham studied architecture at the University of Southern California. With a passion for travel, he finds inspiration in exploring Latin American cities, cultures, and landscapes. Graham’s dedication to craft and quality extends beyond his professional life, as he has earned the reputation of being Studio VARA’s resident “office mixologist.”

With Graham’s leadership, Studio VARA continues to redefine the boundaries of architecture and landscape design, delivering extraordinary projects that leave a lasting impression on clients and users.