Graham Quinn

Senior Associate

Graham was Studio VARA’s first employee and has been an integral part of the firm’s growth from a small residential firm to a large, multidisciplinary studio. As one of our senior associates, he is our storehouse of institutional knowledge and provides a steady and friendly hand to the office’s culture. Before he joined Studio VARA, he worked for a landscape and construction firm, broadening his experience in the design and construction process. Graham’s focus and attention to detail makes him a natural fit for leading Studio VARA’s largest residential projects and managing complex teams of contractors and consultants to deliver an efficient and satisfying project to his clients. He also has a passion for natural environments and enjoys collaborating on the firm’s small landscape projects.

Graham is a Marin native, and studied architecture at the University of Southern California. A consummate traveller, he is particularly interested in Latin American cities, cultures and landscapes, especially when it involves scuba diving gear. He is constantly on the search for new and interesting cocktails, and luckily for the rest of us, is more than happy to share them at our office celebrations.