John Springer

Practice Director

John is Studio VARA’s Projects Director and is in charge of maintaining the office’s rigorous standards of quality throughout the design and documentation process and through construction. His thoroughness, thoughtfulness, and expertise in all aspects of construction ensure the successful completion of the firm’s projects. This gives him an avenue to pursue his passion for architecture that makes a positive contribution to the built environment.

With 26 years of bi-coastal experience in construction and architecture, John has worked his way from his home in Vermont, to Carnegie Mellon and through New York City before landing in San Francisco. Along the way, he has done everything from bartending and carpentry, to being a construction manager and project architect and project manager.

John’s favorite place to be is outside; during the summer months he most often pops up on the baseball diamond, during the winter it’s on a snowboard. At all other times of the year, he is off hiking local trails and traveling further afar when he has the opportunity.