Jacqueline Lytle

Senior Associate: Interior Design

Jacqueline brings 25+ years of experience as an interior designer and project manager to Studio VARA, as well as a knack for creative problem solving. After attending Boston Architectural College, she worked on a variety of project types, including hotels and offices, as well as interiors for court rooms, labs, and health care. She currently enjoys working on teams small and large from commercial to residential, and is part of Studio VARA’s Green Team promoting sustainable design initiatives. The most rewarding part of Jacqueline’s work is getting the opportunity to design original, timeless spaces that will resonate with clients for years.

Jacqueline spends her time outside the office with her family, pursuing hobbies that include travel, photography, and art, as well as hiking and kayaking. An Idaho native, she has zig-zagged across the country to Boston and back, and is happy to be settled in beautiful San Francisco.