What is VARA?   va·ra  noun /˜vär’∂˜/ varas, plural   1. A Spanish, Portugese, and Latin-American unit of linear measure equal to about 33 inches (84 cm).  2. The basic module used to create the street grid of San Francisco; one city block is typically 100×150 vara.

+ What is Studio VARA? Studio VARA is a San Francisco-based design practice driven by a deep commitment to architecture as a material craft and a discipline grounded in ideas. With the city as reference point and inspiration for our work, we create holistic, well-considered design solutions and human-centered experiences at many scales.

We believe that our practice is a design project. We have developed a process-oriented approach that allows design solutions to arise organically from the unique ecology of each project. Clients are engaged throughout the design and construction process in a working environment attuned to their aspirations and infused with ease and clarity. Together, we work side-by-side with our contractors and consultants to foster a truly team-oriented process. From the exterior form to the interior furnishings, this flexible, collaborative design approach builds trust and yields spaces that profoundly shape our client’s lives.

+ DESIGN PROCESS Our deeply focused methodology yields high-quality, project-specific results by unifying the large-scale moves through to the refined details. + WE LISTEN To create spaces finely tuned to our clients needs, we have to listen first. We build personal relationships with our clients, fostering mutual trust and respect. + WARM MODERNISM Our aesthetic point of view unifies function with delight to achieve a humanized and inviting minimalism. + PEOPLE, ENERGY, PASSION We love what we do and the people we collaborate with. + CRAFTING THE DETAILS Materials inform and guide our approach. Regardless of scale, thoughtful refinement is essential to producing a complete and inviting experience.                 + RESOURCEFUL AND INVENTIVE We manage complex and varied projects with a small, focused, and effective team.