Mick Khavari

Mick comes to architecture as a second career, which follows his previous life as founder and creative director of Tinderbox Studios, a San Francisco based graphic design firm. Consequently, he can be counted on to contribute his sharp sense of graphics and layout to the firm’s presentations and drawings.

Mick received a Masters of Architecture from U.C. Berkeley and previously taught at the Academy of Art University. He has focused on single-family residential projects during his 9+ years in the architecture industry and is the recipient of an AIASF 2013 Constructed Realities award. One of his favorite parts of a project is to visit the site during the start of the framing process with the client, when they can begin to see the project take shape.

Mick lives in the East Bay with his family, and often visits local galleries and museums with them on the weekends to escape the heat. During cooler times they are often hiking through the hills and parks of Oakland and Berkeley.