Studio VARA is a San Francisco-based design practice driven by a deep commitment to architecture as a craft and realm of ideas. With the city as reference point and inspiration for our work, we create holistic, well-considered design solutions and human-centered experiences at many scales. We approach every project with a passion for exploration, through the broader lenses of art, science, urbanism, ecology, sustainable technology, and the greater social and cultural values of our discipline.

Principals Christopher Roach and Maura Fernández Abernethy work side-by-side with their clients to guide a thoughtful, open, truly team-oriented process. Clients are engaged throughout the design and construction of their project in a working environment attuned to their aspirations, and infused with ease and clarity.

noun /˜vär'ə˜/
varas, plural
1. A Spanish, Portugese, and Latin-American unit of linear measure equal to about 33 inches (84 cm).
2. The basic module used to create the street grid of San Francisco; one city block is typically 100x150 vara.

Maura Fernández Abernethy,

Christopher A. Roach
AIA LEED AP, Principal

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