Nurun/Odopod Office

When this award-winning digital agency (founded by three architecture graduates) decided to expand their San Francisco office, they engaged Studio VARA in a collaborative approach to designing a workspace; one that merged high-tech functionality with the laid-back industrial aesthetic of their historic warehouse.

The result was more a process of subtraction than addition - removing previous improvements, sandblasting brick walls and heavy timber structure, and peeling up carpet to reveal original wood floors, ghost staircases, metal fire doors and other original details.

A few strategic architectural interventions were layered in to provide a modern kitchen and break room, a glassed-in conference room, an updated meeting and support spaces with a midcentury vibe, which foster an open environment of serious work and playful creativity.

Studio VARA teamed with Tom Eliot Fisch to provide architect of record services and carry the project through completion. Odopod is a Nurun company.

Completed: 2012

Studio VARA Project Team:
Maura Fernández Abernethy
Jackie Fung
Christopher Roach

Architect of Record Project Team:
Tom Eliot Fisch
Amy Eliot

Conscious Construction

Client / Design Collaboration:
Jacquie Moss

Photo Credits:
©Bruce Damonte 2013